Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Diabetes and Liberal Democrats who throw their toys out ...

... of their buggy while the adults get on with the job of parliamentary reform.

The little people of Britain believe that there are too many politicians at Westminster;  and this feeling cascades down to the devolved administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Might this feeling from the birthplace of democracy be felt by the little people of the world I wonder ?

Unfortunately Cleggy, the deputy Prime Minister, said on Monday that his party could not support the boundary changes because the Conservatives have dropped reforms to the House of Lords.

 In response yesterday our erstwhile Prime Minister, David Cameron, told the world (well, those within 20 meters of him as the majority have better things to do with their summer day), that he would be challenging the politicians of both sides of the house to support reforms we (the electorate) are demanding.

So Cameron has challenged the Lib Dems to grow up, he has challenged them to explain in Parliament why reducing MP's is bad democracy, they will also have to explain to the electorate why they intend to vote in the face of public opinion, that's the opinion that places Bankers and Politicians into the very same box with Schrödinger's cat

Brining the debate to Wales the proposal is for 30 MP's in 30 equal sized constituencies, this should be extended to the Assembly having 30 constituencies matching the parliamentary boundaries, it would be admirable if the Assembly then had 30 constituencies of two AM's dumping the regional nonsense where AM's are divorced from the people they are elected to represent.

And Diabetes .......... it seems the secret to living with Type 2 is to ...
"learn to live with hunger !"
... less is indeed more, trust me its true, eventually the hunger goes and you are rewarded with a smaller appetite.

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  1. I must admit to looking forward to the next election irrespective of the final winner, simply because it looks like the Liberal doo-dahs will face annihilation. It will be bliss simply to no longer endure the continual inflated ego's and oh-so-fashionable self promotion.

    It's a bit like looking forward to your neighbours continually yapping pekinese getting run over.