Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesday ... Louise Mensch, another reason ...

  ... to switch allegiance for team GB voters.

Not because she has quit politics, but because the Conservative Party made a pigs ear with her selection, they chose a lightweight "media star" rather than a political mind able to craft legislation.

This latest manifestation of Great Britain in political decline is to be expected when the political landscape is little more than beach volleyball between politicians and the media, the little people recognise and understand that democracy only occurs at election time, for the remaining 5 years of the life of the Parliaments (and Assembly's scattered around our country), democracy takes second place to a contest between political leaders and the media.

My advice to the Conservative Party would be to find a Mensch replacement with a certain enquiring depth, not a "bright media star", someone who might Tweet less, Corby and East Northamptonshire need a representative not a writer of chick lit fiction.

Lady Lynn de Rothschild (in today's Times), the businesswoman and lawyer, has lamented the fact that many women lose their ambition when they marry "alpha males".

Alpha Males ! .... her husband is the manager of a rock bandfor goodness sake, she is moving to New York for an exciting life Westminster is unable to compete with.

Closer to the truth of this débâcle in today's Times ...
.... speculation about Mensch’s “real” motive yesterday. Perhaps in vacating her marginal seat she was leaving a sinking ship? Perhaps she was bored by politics and wants to return to her previous career, writing novels, or to concentrate on her social networking site Menshn which is intended to be a rival to Twitter and which she set up after receiving hateful tweets about her children from a Twitter troll who was later prosecuted. Perhaps she simply wants to be with her new husband, a man who has managed Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and with whom she seems blissfully besotted.
“I have strong feelings of hero worship towards him. I was longing to brand myself with his name for a very long time. He’s a living legend, and to be his wife is the greatest honour”, she said recently. “He is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. My palms still sweat with adrenaline whenever he walks into a room”.
Whatever her reasons you have to hand it to Louise Mensch. In a week when politics was the last thing on people’s minds and the names dominating the headlines were people in tight Lycra shorts, Mensch, ever the self-publicist, lobbed a small hand grenade and did what she will always do brilliantly. Put herself in the spotlight. 

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