Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Martin Luther King or Royston Jones ...

I have a dream or the language of hate .

First from the Western Mail today ...

SIR – Dennis Coughlin ........
This anti-Welshness also explains why the Welsh Government refuses to run Wales in the interests of the indigenous population ..........
Tywyn, Gwynedd

... second, check out the language of hate, Martin Luther King would recognise the sentiments, would this Royston Jones recognise the Alabama of the 1960's in his vision for Wales.
But for the politicians of Wales an impossible citizen, a citizen who is unable or unwilling to recognise his absurd hatred.

... what exactly is his "indigenous population", how is it characterised, what are the criteria, who would be excluded from our democracy ?
The answer lies somewhere in the dark area's of society, those area's that politics can only imagine might exist !
But for those who believe that "the modern state that is the whole body of a nation expressing its will",  what place for Royston and Co, how does our Assembly satisfy the wants of extremist Wales.

A digression ...
... in the USA reports are coming out that legislation to prevent electoral fraud has disenfranchised a huge swathe of US society, people are unable to register for voting because they do not have unexpired government-issued photo ID's,.

... as many as 11 percent of eligible voters—roughly 21 million Americans—lack current, unexpired government-issued photo IDs.
It only takes a small drop of ink in many parts of the world ...

... to enfranchise its citizens.

Martin Luther King would have recognised this particular anomaly in the democracy held up as an example to the rest of the world.

Might the legislation to prevent electoral fraud have included a mechanism to capture everyone eligible to vote, after all this is what democracy is about.

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