Monday, 16 January 2012

If ... I don't think so Carwyn, it is ...

... a done deal. The "if", well it is the if in ...
".... if Scotland became independent, the relationship between Wales and the rest of the UK would have to change ..."

... where he was speaking on the Sunday Politics programme.

The done deal is of course the "referendum", the outcome is particularly irrelevant, the very fact that "Politics Scotland" has begun the process of divorce, makes it imperative the other partners in this seemingly unhappy marriage begin an urgent process to rearrange the marriage (constitution) to produce a fair world that everyone can sit at ease with each other.

Assume the worse, a reconciliation shouldn't effect the need for change, if Scotland decided not not move on their legacy should be a fair constitution for the majority.

If Carwyn is the statesman he likes to project, he might call a constitutional convention with the other parties, not as an antagonist, but as a bridge builder, and top of his list of objectives would be to gain a sense of worth for the element without a devolved administration, England is as important as the other parts of our Britain.

Myself, I will still keep the party hats ready for the big day .............

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