Sunday, 1 January 2012

A resolution, when a knock ...

... on the door reveals a Plaid type asking for your vote, ask the question ...
If you were successful in your quest for an independent Wales, what would be your manifesto at the post independence election for the future of Wales.

... you will be still waiting, I am following last years elections.


  1. Ah - so you're under the impression that the guy who knocks on your door is the one who's responsible for drawing up the manifesto - not just the current one, but ones that have yet to be written.


  2. .... you must give a certain licence to the sceptic, you see, post a successful vote for an independent Wales, I see no change to the political landscape, unless Plaid was able to apply its preferred plan ... so it is a very valid question.

    The guy that answers the door is the messenger, and should have the correct answer to the question, he or she should say ... in the constitution, and this is what it means to the peoples of Wales.

    Did you contribute to wiki ?