Sunday, 22 January 2012

Salmond needs to understand that we ...

... want British democracy to catch up with Scotland, so Devo-Max is not on the cards, all his bluster should be seen as it is, the nationalist bully boy tactics reminiscent of the playground that is his Holyrood.

Salmond is taking his campaign to end the 300-year-old union with England to London. When he delivers the Hugo Young lecture, Salmond will seek to build support for separation by claiming it would end the dispute over whether England subsidises Scotland and would also solve the West Lothian question, in which Scottish MPS at Westminster can vote on laws that apply only to England but not vice-versa. (Sunday Times 22 January 2012)

... he will argue that ending those squabbles would see England "lose a surly lodger and gain a friendly neighbour", he is wrong on two counts, it is Britain not just England, and we would lose the distraction that Scots generate and gain a bonus of £1600 per Scot that is given by Westminster annually.

The Salmond and company consultation paper will make clear that he intends to include the “devo max” option in the forthcoming referendum, giving the Scottish parliament more power were the Scots to not vote for separation, unfortunately its not his to give, it is for everyone in Britain to agree, "devo max" is for Westminster and the whole British electorate not Holyrood in pugnacious isolation.

Of course he will return to Scotland whining that the "English" are opposing "the will of the Scots people", not so Salmond, it is the will of the British peoples;  we really have had enough SNP tripe, Salmond can take his galloping self-importance back to Holyrood, I'm sure he has sufficient fans to stoke or stroke his ego.

As INDIA KNIGHT ( wrote, quoting Burns Tam o' Shanter ...

Where sits our sulky sullen dame.
Gathering her brows like gathering storm
Nursing her wrath to keep it warm 

... which in turn reminds me of Alex Salmond, but let’s not go there, It’s a chronic social disadvantage.

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