Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tory boost when Salmond takes the high road ...

...  to the promised land, we hope that like Moses (Moshe Rabbeinu) he has divine assistance;  unlike the Pharaoh who was beset by plagues.

Giving Scotland its independence and scrapping the 59 MPS it currently sends to Westminster would transform the present government from a coalition to a Tory one.

In the 2010 election the Conservatives won 306 seats, including one in Scotland. The other parties combined won 344 seats, including 58 in Scotland. So without Scotland, the Tories would have had 305 seats and all other parties 286 — giving the Tories an outright majority of 19, according to Anthony Wells of Yougov, the polling firm.
In numbers of votes, the Tories dominate in England, while Labour dominates in Scotland. So independence ought to benefit the Tories, as will boundary changes. However, thanks to the constituency system, Labour could still win in England.

In the 2005 election Labour won 356 seats, with 41 in Scotland (including the then Speaker). The other parties combined won 290 seats, including 18 in Scotland. So without Scotland, Labour would have had 315 seats and all other parties 272 — still leaving Labour with a majority of 43.

Labour would also have won outright in 2001, 1997, 1950 and 1945, even if Scotland had been independent.

Sunday Times 15 Jan 2012
If only they had gone earlier, would we have been beset by our very own plague of Scots politicians, politicians who caused so much mayhem this past decade.

The views of the peoples of Britain are interesting ...

... is this the Salmond effect .... by Salmond design.

Maybe it is time that Salmond explained in simple terms exactly what would be achieved through "separation", and the status quo might explain in similar terms what exactly are the benefits to remaining "as is", other than hot air from both sides there has been little of consequence made public.

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