Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Abu Qatada, next stop ...

... Jordan ...
... as a panel of five judges rejected Qatada's bid to have his appeal heard by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights, but ruled his application was made in time, a spokesman for the Council of Europe, which runs the court, said.

The decision by the panel of five judges means Home Secretary Theresa May was wrong when she claimed the three-month appeal deadline from the court's original decision on January 17 expired on the night of April 16.

Qatada's lawyers lodged his appeal late on the night of April 17, which the judges ruled was in time.

A spokesman for the court said: "The panel found that the request had been submitted within the three-month time limit for such requests.

"However, it considered that the request should be refused." 

Mrs May is now likely to refuse any application by Qatada's lawyers to revoke his deportation order and he could be on a plane within weeks. 
 ....... so what are you waiting for Mrs May, shape up and get Qatada shipped out !

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