Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Leighton Andrews and Ice Cream, ...

... do you see the connection between the Wales administration Education Minister and the favourite summer pudding (in the USA many prefer frozen custard, both are good) ?

In Wales Andrews oversees the failing education of our children, falling standards for the most basic skills, the Welsh baccalaureate qualification that fails to live up to expectations, under funding of education in Wales is a disgrace to the tune of £600 per pupil each year when compared to England, despite education funding being budgeted exactly the same at Westminster.

Leighton Andrews, through his department, instead of solving the problems takes a different tack, on funding it stops publishing figures for comparison, and to excuse the basket case of WAG failure he lays the blame East of Offa's Dyke, he blames ...

... English exceptionalism !

... he dismisses change by assigning a label to disparage its worth, whilst England offers options for education, whilst excellence is pursued as you travel East from Cardiff Bay, in Wales we have a system devoid of ideas, and an inability of politicians to admit they have screwed up, failed at least two generations of children, failed two generations who will watch as the skilled jobs haemorrhage Wales.

And the Ice Cream ....

In the words of Patrick Jake (P. J.) O'Rourke ...
"The symbol of universal salvation is ice cream.  We are blessed with an infinite number of cleverly created delicious flavours.  But we are required by law to use someone else's tongue to lick them."


  1. I invariably disagree virulently with your blogs
    and your Brit leanings. However ..........
    power to your arm here (especially with the BAC )

  2. ... at the end of the day we only ask that services are fit for purpose, is it too much to ask ?