Friday, 11 May 2012

Leanne Wood, what's behind ...

... the eyes,

what was behind the words when she said ... would take time to come up with an economic plan "to turn around the weak economy in Wales".

"We need fresh thinking, we need new thinking,"

BBC Wales' Dragon's Eye 10 May 2012.

... watching her yesterday evening I felt sorry for her for a brief moment, then I remembered that she had appealed to the young turks of Plaid, those turks with nothing to offer other than distant social media.  I wonder, has she been abandoned by the intellectuals of her party, because for sure last nights performance was not a First Division performance, she was unprepared, lacking a brief, and the eyes ... Ieuan Wyn Jones at least spoke with a passion that sprang from his eyes .......

Could there be a clue where she said  "We need fresh thinking, we need new thinking", could it be she was appealing for help ....

I had been expecting to witness a political conflict erupting from Plaid following her recent election as its leader, to have a very real Left Wing politician in Wales politics seemed manna from heaven ......

...... such is life, my disappointment is probably less than that of the Plaid rank and file.


  1. Are you worried that you're becoming a teeny, weeny bit obsessed with hr John?

  2. I have been so disappointed, I have looked forward to debating LW's socio-economic preferences since she threw her hat in the ring, and on Thursday there were no sparks during her interview, disappointed in Caerphilly.