Sunday, 27 May 2012

Salmond bumps his gums in ...

... vain, the rhetoric is a waste of time and energy.  Today in the (£) Sunday Times there are many hundreds of words written, the separatist leader ...

... at Friday’s launch promises to get rid of all the stuff Scots hate:
Westminster, the Tories, Trident nuclear submarines in the Clyde, Scottish troops sent to fight “illegal wars in Iraq”, public spending cuts imposed by a mean-spirited, perfidious Albion. And to keep all the bits they love: oil, gas, financial services and malt whisky.

... when the majority of peoples who inhabit these British Isles understand the true nature of the issue which is :
Scottish or British, a simple choice!

... and the majority don't really care how Scotland votes.

The aftermath will be interesting, because for sure it will be difficult for Scots to vote "No", and will those who do vote "No" be welcomed south of the border, and how soon before the majority British turn their backs on Scotland, reject Tunnock's caramel wafers in preference for Fox's biscuits, a better selection.

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