Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The borrowers ...

... of Wales, no film script, its the real thing, WAG wants to borrow £ billions.

The big question is how do the politicians propose to fund their political "retail" therapy, by repaying from the £15 billion block grant, or by joining the Big Society with a local income tax.

Financially there is little to choose between payment from the block grant and payment from a local income tax, both are the means to an end, but democratically the difference is between night and day, chalk and cheese, it puts final approval of spending where it should be, at the ballot box.

So David Cameron, give them borrowing powers coupled to tax raising powers, let them be accountable via the ballot box.


  1. Historic occasion John - we agree.

  2. I will celebrate with a beer on Independence day ....

    .... but seriously, political philosophy can bring people together in common purpose. You might consider "Justice, a citizens guide to the 21st century" (BBC 4 on iPlayer), Michael Sandel looks at the philosophy of justice, testing the theories of Bentham, Kant and Aristotle against a range of contemporary problems.

    Myself, I think the days of Aristotle has much to offer when brought into the 21st century.