Tuesday, 24 July 2012

... morally wrong ?

This is Treasury Minister David Gauke who said in newspaper interviews that the practice of paying tradesmen in cash is morally wrong and came at "a big cost" to the Treasury and meant other people had to pay more in tax.

This man needs a reality check, this obviously biopic poltroon of the highest Order of the Bathwater has definitely been promoted above his abilities.
Could someone at the treasury explain that Bankers who screw our economy were morally wrong.

Maybe someone could explain that not paying taxes on $21 trillion (£13tn), squirrelled away in offshore banks is morally wrong.

Then there is the poor widow of Anglesey who finds it difficult to pay her energy bills whilst suppliers are awash with surplus cash, morally wrong.

And what about HSBC, I watched their executives on C-Span answering questions as to their incompetence dealing with money laundering, morally wrong.

... I could go on, morally wrong is morally wrong, but for scummy politicians it is easier to play with the little people, the little people don't have pressure groups with buckets of money to fund a lobbyist ...

... is the lobbyist morally wrong ?

... so David Gauke if you are not morally bankrupt you might start by putting your house of blind eyes in order before chasing the little people ......

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