Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sour grapes or ...

... the reason we produce such poor leaders.
Are too many of our Olympic athletes from private schools, as the prime minister suggested last week? Only about 7% of British children attend independent schools — whereas one third of the British Olympic team was privately educated.
However, this figure looks positively egalitarian when you compare it with the percentage of Cameron’s cabinet ministers who went to private school (67%), or judges (70%) or the chief executives of big businesses (54%) or journalists (54%). It seems a bit rich to pick on the athletes.
Rod Liddle The Sunday Times

It seems that by ignoring the 93% we are failing to raise our game at every turn ...
... our cabinet ministers (don't ignore the last government) seem devoid of morality and logic.
... our Judges sit in judgement over a system that is weighed against the little person.
... Big Business, banks that collude, where are the judges, you and I would be in prison if we did similar.
... journalist, so much to say, so little time, why are you not calling these wastrels to account.
Is there a John Ball out there, we promise not to let them hang you ...........

How can we expect the UK to do well when the vast majority in the game of life we cherish are put to one side in perpetual game of chance with dice so corrupt ...

...a different pair of dice for those born outside the walls of privilege, a dice that tells the user ...

You Loose

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