Monday, 16 July 2012

Don't blame us for not dying.

A letter from Jane Reed of London in today's Times.

I got old by not dying. And now, with all this talk of the soaring costs of caring, how elderly demographics are reversing the improvements in public financing, of job-hogging, I feel “not dying” may have been an irresponsible choice ( £ "Time to target over-60s’ benefits") written by David Budworth.

My generation grew out of the aftermath of war. We lived through two major recessions where income tax soared to 85 per cent for some and we worked by candlelight. The houses we saved for became valuable — an inevitable result of supply and demand economics in a small island. The pension I built up over 50 years is quietly diminishing. My savings produce little or no growth, and I am happy where possible and when called upon to be the family banker, like so many of my contemporaries.

I feel for younger people suddenly faced with back-sliding living standards, but we are where we are and blaming my generation for not dying is not the answer.
Is this a line in the sand that politicians fear to tread I wonder.

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