Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I wrote elsewhere ...

... there is more to politics in Wales than Betsan's "tactics or strategy", there is the pragmatic way of minority politics ...

... less governance, the promotion of personal responsibility, and the liberal conservative traditions of Wales.

It is only necessary to have an insurmountable majority when it is the intention to impose radical measures upon the population, following on from the financial crisis which was both commercial, public, and private in nature, the vast majority of those countries affected are tackling their deficits. In the UK, and by definition Wales, the government in coalition, the insurmountable majority, has decided the vast public sector consumes a too-great a proportion of national income, thus requires cutting to be sustainable, affordable only when we "cut [y]our cloth according to [y]our means".

In Wales the budget cuts are manageable, and the Labour Party are able to manage as a family who had its income drop by 5% in the last year just through a pay freeze, as has happened for the last three years in some sectors, the public sector might contemplate the effect a 12% cut in pay has. And politically the Labour Party could manage these difficult times by concentrating its efforts on budget management not political rhetoric, and I would be surprised if it could not co-opt other Assembly members in its concentration.

My hope for the Labour Party, when it has the greatest share of the votes, is for it to "get on with governance", be managers for a few years, it's what the voters are hoping for, the radical days of the 18th and 19th century are long gone, we are all sitting in the [comfortable] middle ground .....

...  for an example of negative politicking out of step with reality see here ...... this particular character believes he has something to offer the people of Wales, a pantomime.

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