Friday, 1 April 2011

A love story in Caerphilly politics, ...

... Plaid leader Lyndsay Whittle and co-conspirator Ron "moment of madness" Davies, both cosying up to project an image of success to the voters of Bargoed in the run-up to the Assembly elections on 5th May next, unfortunately they have used taxpayers money to create a pamphlet that includes photographs that projects them both as leaders of largess, a dishonest projection.

Other politicians in the Caerphilly area, if they had kept their eyes on the ball, would have noticed other examples of the Davies-Whittle Assembly election ticket, they seem to be personally responsible for every future project in the borough, a cynical use of taxpayers hard earned money is not an uncommon event in the world, but in this instance with Davies standing as Plaid’s Caerphilly constituency candidate and Mr Whittle on Plaid's South East Wales regional list there is a smell that lingers.

Would I, a Conservative, vote for Ron "moment of madness" Davies, absolutely not, this year I will lend my vote to the Labour Party candidate, I had to take a deep breath before writing that, I will vote for Labour not because I have a deep seated abhorrence for the nationalism that Plaid stands for, but because Davies has changed his coat so many times I believe Davies will represent the views of Davies, not the electorate.

The use of taxpayers hard earned money to promote political careers is a "Love Story" that sticks in my throat, shame on both politicians, shame on the council officials who approved the pamphlets.

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