Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What does she mean ? ....

... Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams when she said ......

Make sure your council can deliver for you by cutting restrictions that stop them innovating and acting in the best interest of local communities.

Is she accusing the previous Assembly administrations of imposing restrictions to prevent innovation, is she saying previous administrations have created legislation not in the interests of local communities ?

... must we put up with the joker in the pack ...

... she might at least use language that people can understand, in the footsteps of the great Liberals, Liberals such as David Lloyd George, rather than the gobbledygook of Cardiff Bay politics, meaningless soundbites ...

... is there a real Liberal out there?


  1. 'it's an opinion, but be wary of those who have no ambition.'

    Yep, they may twart the ambition of others!

    A liberal. i thought i was one but am not sure, maybe i am some days and others a bit of a puritanical square.
    Just don't know nowt about anything. I think Socrates decribed this about himself too so i really don't know

  2. Interesting take on ambition, I was certain that my politics were Liberal, but things seem to get in the way some days.