Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ron Davies, a former man of many things, said ...

... the Labour Party is scared witless.  This is the man, who is described as one of Plaid Cymru's highest profile candidates, this is a man of many political colours, or rather a man who wears many coloured political coats.  A failed Labour Party politician, a failed "Forward Wales" politician,  the charity of local authority independent (no one wanted him) politics, and then a leap across a political divide to Plaid Cymru the separatist party of Wales. 

His supporters in Plaid Cymru have taken to insults in order to assist this inconsequential buffoon of Wales politics, an internal Plaid document emerged describing his Labour rival, Jeff Cuthbert, as a "three-legged carthorse" who should be sent to the "knacker’s yard".  Despicable Plaid Cymru refuses to apologise for its cretinous description of a hard working Welsh Assembly politician, Plaid, and Ron Davies in particular remind me of a Blackadder Christmas special and the line spoken by the Queen ...

"I remember when I was young putting out biscuits and a drink for Father Christmas - And then scoffing it all because I was a princess, I could do whatever I want!"

In his own words "Ron Davies acknowledged that he was receiving treatment for a personality disorder which led him to seek out risky situations", so Plaid would foist on the people of Caerphilly a politician with personality issues ...... no thanks.

... we prefer Mr Cuthbert to represent Caerphilly, a man who wears a coat of one colour, albeit red, he is a constituency politician who places the public before the politics of the Plaid gutter.


  1. disabled or alternatively abled people (about 20%) should be clearly sent a message by the media not to vote PLAID for these remarks

  2. Tyler - Despicable Plaid Cymru refuses to apologise for its cretinous description

    Oh dear, cretinism is a serious medical condition which has a devastating effect on sufferers. You should be thoroughly ashamed of your nasty, insensitive turn of phrase.


  3. "The Labour Party is scared witless." Nonsense! A few older members of the Labour Party might remember the "badger watcher" witjh a smile. No one takes him seriously, even Plaid mem,bers.

  4. In the words of Friedrich Engels:

    Parliamentary cretinism is an incurable disease, an ailment whose unfortunate victims are permeated by the lofty conviction that the whole world, its history and its future are directed and determined by a majority of votes of just that very representative institution that has the honour of having them in the capacity of its members.