Wednesday, 6 April 2011

... a very personal reply to Julius, who wrote ...

... to me via email "Kirsty Williams , dunno what to make of her , hope she is re-elected though ..."

You are absolutely right Julius, we need Kirsty Williams in the Assembly, we need Peter Black in the Assembly, we also need every other Liberal that the public will elect; there aren't many, more is the shame, and we can find a Liberal wearing many different political suits, including no suit at all.

One of the greatest no suit Liberal, in my opinion, was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he took opposition to new heights when he pioneered satyagraha ( resistance to tyranny through mass peaceful civil disobedience),

... the image is Gandhi beginning the great march against the salt tax.

... now I'm not suggesting that every country needs their own Gandhi, but I do believe we can find tyranny in every country of the world, if we look hard enough we can even tyranny it in our local communities and in our places of work.  The difficult part is defeating the tyrant without destroying life of those dependent upon yourself, some might say "cutting your nose to spite your face".

In Wales we have the Welsh Assembly Government and though it has few restraints on its actions, there is a world of difference when we compare our politics to the politics of Iran where the leader is elected by a "Council of Experts" ( 86 Islamic scholars) and they execute people who find a new form of worship in Christianity, so I look to Switzerland and Denmark for inspiration for political reform in Wales where politicians are held to account through a persistence of referendum, the belief that people should be able to control or limit politics.

I digress, thanks for your email Julius ....

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