Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The more brutal the regime, ...

... the more urgent the call for "freedom".

In Syria many thousands of anti-government protesters have protested against against Syria's brutal regime, no violence from the protesters, but their message must point the way to the cliff of oblivion for Assad and his despicable regime.  In the countries third largest city of "Homs", the protesters insist they will not leave until they bring down the country's leadership,

In response to the weekend protests by the people of Syria, President Bashar al-Assad interior ministry has said the unrest amounts to armed insurrection, unfortunately for the people the arms of Assad's brutal regime were turned on innocent people asking for "freedom", to be let loose from the chains of Syria's long-standing emergency laws (48 years of oppression and counting) and a call for the release of political prisoners.

Human rights groups say at least 200 protesters have been killed in the past four weeks by security forces propping up the dictatorship of Assad, for these 200 people the man needs a trial in Syria, and when found guilty of ordering the murder of those 200 people should be taken to a public gallows as an example to the rest of the world.

And in Wales there is the election having the flavour of gruel, where politicians debate issues that are outwith their political remit, it is easier to discuss UK wide taxation as opposed to the underfunding of out schoolchildren to the tune of £600 per pupil year ............... they had the money, where was it spent.

... and Gollum continues to eat fish in the political back alleys of Cardiff Bay ... whilst in Swansea Plaid are out in force playing out their nationalist confidence trick, elsewhere the politicians discuss things amongst themselves, it is dangerous to interact with the electorate and their families.

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