Sunday, 24 April 2011

A tale of two ...

... cities,  no a tale of two people, a politician seeking ways to lighten your pockets, and a businessman with an idea that works, in fact a blueprint to rejuvenate the Wales economy. 

The politician is a regional addition for South Wales West, well to the left of Lenin, much like her poet father, Bethan Jenkins.  To read in full her pathetic offering to the unemployed of Wales in full try Wales Home, in fact lets not bother with a précis , it has so little depth jump to her pathetic offering, it proposes more museums to the past in the hope that people will be attracted in such numbers to overwhelm our tourist industry, much like the National Botanic Garden of Wales, nice idea, no business plan.

The businessman is a different kettle of fish, his idea works ...

.... and presents a model for Wales, where is the WDA, oops, politicians abolished it .........

The word on the street is Pieminister is moving from Bristol to Llantrisant, here's hoping that maybe Bethan Jenkins could take her political pies to Bristol, Wales would be the winner ......... and the business model, educate our young people and have funds to fill the gaps left by personal guarantee and bank loans, you see Bethan Jenkins, it is business ideas and money that create prosperity, not ........... Plaid Pie in the Sky.


  1. Ah, more museums! A chocolate box fossilised environment that produces nothing of any value except envy for what was.

    I'm afraid I got bored half way through Bethan's "vision" so maybe I missed something worthwhile (probably not). When will people like Bethan realise you need people pushing new ideas, whether it is microchips or pieminister?

    The past is a useful reference point. But it is not the future.

    p.s. Please don't send her to Bristol - we have enough Bethans of our own.

  2. But museums are great avenues for pushing nationalist myth-creation, so maybe there is method to her mediocrity.

  3. Where in the whole piece are more museums proposed? Why don't you try reading the piece before commenting on it? It is about as far removed from the National Botanical Garden as can be, and completely cost-conscious.

    This idea involves utilising new technologies at low costs to provide work. It makes no claims as to how much work is there and proposes local consultation before moving it forward. What is that if not pushing new ideas? And there was no talk of vision.

    Pieminister is creating 35 jobs. That's your alternative example, is it?

  4. Pieminister is a model for Wales, where is the WDA, oops, politicians abolished it ...

    The WDA ceased to exist on 1 April 2006, when it and two other ASPBs - the Wales Tourist Board and ELWa - merged with the Welsh Assembly. The current Welsh Assembly Government Minister for Economic Development and Transport is Ieuan Wyn Jones, another Plaid Assembly Member unable to grasp what exactly makes a business ...

  5. Pieminister is taking jobs from England to Wales, not creating them. Glad to see them come, but they are not high-skilled or high-paying. The WDA merger happened before Plaid took over the ministry. Not sure what your point is here.

    You haven't answered the question as to where more museums are mentioned in the originating piece.