Sunday, 29 April 2012

3 years ago you needed £800 million ...

... to get in the top 50 of The Sunday Times "Rich List", now the top 50 have too amass a minimum of £1,400 million to sit at the top table.

If during the past three years these fortunes have increased by over 40%, why are there so many people unemployed, why did 128,687 people need help from Trussell Trust food-banks last year (2011-2012), just wondering ......

...... after wondering about such a thought provoking question, I needed a little music :


  1. That's neo-liberalism for you. And whilst Wales is stuck in this farce of a union, we are the ones towards the bottom of the list.

    Iwan Rhys

  2. Well Iwan, we would need to move from the human race, because it is replicated over the world.

    I'm not certain what neo-liberalism has to do with it, the inequity relates to those that control the markets, and with a population where more than 90% are in work who is prepared to rock the rocky boat. The Union of course represents the status-quo, and in a democracy the majority in Wales seem to reject any alternative to the Union.