Thursday, 26 April 2012

It’s time to let Scotland go ...

... a Spectator debate at the Royal Geographical Society Wednesday 27 June 2012, if you want a seat book on-line here.

The questions to be addressed are :
  1. Can Scotland survive on its own? 
  2. Are the cultural bonds too strong to break? 
  3. Will English tourists be met by border guards? 
The speakers are :


.......... Kelvin MacKenzie, find him at the Mail


.......... Malcolm Rifkind, loitering at Westminster.
.......... Rory Stewart, lurking on the right of the image.

The answers from this part of the world :

Obviously ?
What culture ?
Do people visit ?

The bottom line is, the majority of British couldn't give a hoot, myself, if only I could get to the debate!

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