Friday, 6 April 2012

I hope Plaid don't mind, but I ...

... made a few screen clippings of Chairperson Wood out and about with her "forlorn hope" brigade in North Wales ...........

... can you see what I can see ?

... they are all just a little old,

... no youngsters amongst the ranks.

Could it be that Plaid is an old persons party, or does it apply to all political parties, might we be seeing the demise of street level politics ?


  1. Maybe it's the demographics of North Wales. Disproportionately high number of people over 50.

    For instance, where I live (Anglesey) we're closing primary schools and making teaching assistants redundant and not replacing teachers as they retire - because there simply are not enough chiltren.

  2. Hi Red, the demographics across Wales do vary, although the general tend is, as you know, skewed with the baby-boomer's.

    Might it be that politics is moving towards a purely administrative role, and the younger generation find this particularly comfortable ?

    1. I happen to know that these photos of Plaid members were taken during the day and on a week day. I believe only retired and unemployed members would be available at that time . Leanne Wood has attracted a new body of young members throughout Wales and I know for a fact that many of the young members from the Rhyl and Rhuddlan areas were at work that day !!!!