Wednesday, 18 April 2012

... Bronglais, a place to be ...

... avoided if you need good nursing, if you need the truth to be recorded ask for another hospital, all this from a sector of society that demands the exclusive execution of healthcare in the British Isles.

... try the BBC report !
Note the report summary ...
  • The hospital did not record and act upon important details about the patient's diabetic regime and failed to monitor his blood sugar levels properly
  • The hypoglycaemic attack, to which the hospital's failings contributed, had an unspecific causal effect on the patient's subsequent cardiac arrest and deterioration
  • There appeared to be a deliberate attempt to cover up the lack of blood sugar monitoring
  • The internal complaint investigations before the ombudsman's involvement were inadequate
Source: Public Services Ombudsman
 ... horrific reading, the BBC report includes a meaningless apology to the family of a man abandoned by the nursing profession ...
Hywel Dda Health Board director of nursing and midwifery Caroline Oakley apologised to the patient's family again for care that "fell below the standards expected".
A Wales monopoly not fit for purpose ............ did the nursing staff wear party hats as they failed the patient, it is time this monopoly was broken into pieces that can be sculpted into a health service based on a quality service to those people that fund it through taxes ...

... at present it seams to be for the benefit of its staff at Bronglais.

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