Monday, 9 April 2012

... web monitoring plans, well if you want my emails you only had to ask !

The Liberal Democratic poltroon Tim Farron has said he "would kill plans" for more monitoring of emails and internet use if they were not watered down.  The man is his party president with a sense of importance larger than his rural life.

In fact the government (GCHQ) proposals are an indication of poor performance, change from an "Intelligence" organisation to a "fishing" fleet, it's the lazy way out and the majority of sane, honest British people know this.

To protest the massive invasion of privacy there is a way out sometimes called "Denial of Service".  It is where an organisation orchestrates a massive use of a particular web site to the extent the web site crashes in digital flames, I have a far more personal proposal ...
Copy the home secretary to each of the emails you send as a F(or)Y(our)I(information), I'm sure this would have the desired effect, just to make sure the point is not lost probably best to let her know all your thoughts, your every thoughts, you might even write extra thoughts consisting of local trivia to keep their attention,  ................
Theresa May (Home Secretary) 

Politicians don't really think through problems ............. send them your emails so the (not so) security services know your life is as humdrum as your neighbours, they can cross you off their "might be WANTED list".

And Liberal Democratic Tim Farron, I'm happy some other sucker has him as MP .......

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