Saturday, 19 March 2011

Carl Sargeant and Colonel Gaddafi have similar ...

... attributes, both men suppress democracy, admittedly Sargeant is not directing fighter bombers to bomb the citizens of Anglesey as the butcher Gaddafi does in Libya, but the bottom line is our democracy has been suspended by the Sargeant in the Northern corner of our green and pleasant lands ...

... and when some say there is no comparison between the two men, remember that Gaddafi is doing to the people of Libya with weapons what Sergeant does to the people of Anglesey with the legislation, the only difference is the lack of blood in Wales.

Democracy in Anglesey is not a perfect activity, it is about people, through elected representatives exercising control over the matters which affect their interests, the sky hasn't fallen on the heads of people living in the Royal Borough of Beaumaris, the people of Moelfre are not marching through the streets demanding the removal of the local politicians, so until the sky falls Sargeant might like to remove his proboscis from democracy.

... better an imperfect democracy than a dictatorship.

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