Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Self Deception at the Welsh Assembly ...

... and it is our children who are forecast to suffer because our politicians decided to divert public funds from education in this depressingly poor land; the children will suffer the indignity of poor job prospects during their youth, the prospect of low pay and low personal esteem for 40 years or more, followed by retirement in poverty subsisting on state handouts.

For many months the accusation that education was deliberately underfunded was denied by the Welsh Assembly Government, then they created a smoke screen alluding to differing accounting methods that created an illusion of differing spending levels, then the Education Minister reacted to poor school results by assigning the blame to the education profession to the exclusion of politics.

Yesterday the "self deception" of government began to take on a persona that the public could understand, instead of the convulsive explanations of how the public perception was wrong a minor politician who will be fighting for her political life in a few weeks has accused the Labour Party of ineptitude by saying ...

Plaid education spokeswoman Nerys Evans said a shortfall in funding per pupil between Wales and England was "appalling".
... read the report here.

She neatly sidesteps the fact that her party, Plaid Cymru, have been sharing the same political bed these past years in a coalition of deceit.

It seems my question here 7 March should be amended to ...

... how do we bring our elected representative to book, "the next election" might be too far in the future when the public see rogue activity in an Assembly with little real accountability, with no way to recall a politician that has contributed to lying to the electorate.

Is recall the first step in making the Welsh Assembly a democratic institution ?

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