Monday, 21 March 2011

I'm still looking for the love song, ...

... the politics of Wales I wrote about earlier, but there is little friendship or amity in the corridors of Power at the Assembly.

Looking across the world through the reportage of news-hounds and bloggers there is little friendship anywhere, in Libya the president is searching for his opponents, apparently to destroy them completely, because .................. they asked for democracy.

I read that in Syria police opened fire on demonstrators in Deraa, killing one and wounding several others, its president might like to reconsider his position, when people ask for freedoms that are basic rights elsewhere in the world it is probably to late, democratic change will be taken by the people not drip fed by a despotic ruler.

Other nation states are in similar positions, Yemen President Saleh is treading water in a most uncomfortable sea of change, he was even deserted by his ambassador to the United Nations in protest at the violence perpetrated by this second despot, he is responsible for 40 deaths murdered by his snipers last Friday.

What of the other countries of the middle east, Iran where a person may be hanged because he is gay, Bahrain who is using Saudi Arabia troops to subdue the pro-democracy movement, Saudi Arabia is another candidate country where people are held in captivity because of political allegiances.

Then in Morocco King Mohammed has yet to fulfil his promise of democratic reform and to end government corruption, whilst back in Wales .........

............ Carl Sargeant has suspended democracy ............

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