Friday, 11 March 2011

Whoa WAG, it's not quite what ...

... we were expecting.

When Health Minister Edwina Hart pushes her idea for compulsion, forcing people to opt out of her controversial proposal that the organs of the deceased shall become the property of the State at the time of death, she will be flying in the face of reality, swimming against the tide of experience.

This particular idea that creating a bonanza of organs will fill the gap in organ replacement, has been demonstrated in Spain as being ineffectual, it was only when the coordination of donor organs and organ needs were coordinated that improvements were made.

So what can the Assembly Members who see this legislation as inappropriate do in the face of a Government of incumbents, nothing at present, but following yesterdays post I have received a number of messages of support for the concept of Legislative Recall and Referendum at the Assembly much in line with the Denmark Constitutional option.

Legislative Recall and Referendum

Where a Bill has been passed by the Welsh Assembly, one-third of the members of the Welsh Assembly may, within three weekdays from the final passing of the Bill, request of the President that the Bill be submitted to a referendum. Such request shall be made in writing and signed by the members making the request.

At the referendum votes shall be cast for or against the Bill. For the Bill to be rejected, a majority of the electors who vote and not less than thirty per cent of all persons who are entitled to vote, shall have voted against the Bill.

Finance Bills, Supplementary Appropriation Bills, Provisional Appropriation Bills, Government Loan Bills, Civil Servants (Amendment) Bills, Salaries and Pensions Bills, Naturalization Bills, Expropriation Bills, Taxation (Direct and Indirect) Bills, as well as Bills introduced for the purpose of discharging existing treaty obligations shall not be submitted to decision by referendum.

The second paragraph might seem extraordinary in a country like ours, a country that accepts a simple majority no-matter what the turnout, In my opinion it is good to set the bar high, such a concept as Legislative Recall and Referendum should not seen to be a frivolous occupation, but a last resort in a unicameral legislative body where a single group holds a very dominant position.

I am inclined to submit a proposal to the Welsh Assembly petitions process .....

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