Thursday, 3 March 2011

Weetabix, the reason I voted No ....

... by post in this referendum, I could add Shredded Wheat, Microsoft Office 2010, Blue Mountain Coffee and HP Sauce.

Why ?  ... because you get exactly what is said on the package.....

.... whereas with the referendum today, the purveyors of this particular product, the Labour Party - Plaid Cymru - Liberal Democrats, and the party I have voted for all my life the Conservatives, have all created a list of ingredients that are dishonest.

This particular table sauce was designed for a single dish, the dish of difference, with every new law created, whether it it how we install sprinklers or force the public to donate their organs to the politics of Wales, the need for a real border becomes imperative, how else can differences be applied.

So when Rachel Banner of True Wales spoke about the thin edge of the separation wedge, her only fault was in the way she presented this particular sauce, a dishonest proposition by the politicians and their interest groups of Wales.

This voter made up his mind many weeks ago when Assembly Member Wood presented the "tidying up exercise" lie and First Minister Jones told the electorate there was "extra money" if we voted with him, two small lies that tripped off the tongue with practised ease, what truths are hidden in the very small political print, "Separation".

There might just be time for a majority to send a message to the Cardiff Assembly that LIES are not wanted on this particular journey, vote No and give the politicians another decade to clean up their act.

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