Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Elis-Thomas, the pause button ....

.... he would remove from the Constitution that would benefit his Separatist Party in its march towards an unwanted independence.

Hat tip to VM who reported ...

"Lib Dem Ben Lloyd pointed to a section of the Government of Wales Act 2006 which allows the Secretary of State for Wales to repeal or amend such laws as he or she sees fit.
It states: “The Secretary of State may by order make such provision as the Secretary of State considers appropriate in consequence of ... any provision made by an Assembly Measure or Act of the Assembly.” It goes on to say that if the Secretary of State wants to repeal or amend a law passed by the Assembly, a resolution would need to be passed by both Houses of Parliament.This section of the Government of Wales Act makes it clear that Westminster can amend Assembly laws if it considers it appropriate to do so."
Section 150 makes it clear that Westminster can amend Acts passed after the referendum as well as Measures passed before it.

"It is evident when you look at the Act as a whole, which delivers primary legislative power to the Assembly, that the Secretary of State has power to modify any consequential amendments to Acts of Parliament if there was an impact on non devolved areas."

Section 150 is the reason why the SoS and the Wales Office is essential to democratic Wales as it can sound a siren call when Assembly members become constitutional bully boys ... and girls; when Plaid personnel call for the abolition of the office, any office, you can be certain the office is a thorn in the back of its aspirations.

Once again, Hat Tip to VM, and though it stick in my throat, thank you to the architects of the Government of Wales Act 2006, was there a premonition of political ghosts of years yet to come.

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