Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The wind of change is blowing ...

... in Syria, the tyranny of the despotic son of the despot has reached new heights of despicable behaviour, he has sent 20,000 troops to Deraa to quell the call for democracy, for greater freedoms, to put it into perspective the dictator of Syria sent 1 soldier for every 3 citizens of Deraa.

With a population of 24 million the "Hereditary Dictator", a craven son of a bitch, will need to super-size his half a million army to a massive 8 million, and then coerce it to murder or imprison every citizen, because that is the only way to suppress democracy ..........

Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain et al ....... take note of the wind of change, people like to speak, I am a human being ...... and I have an opinion

............. once again from Naom Chomsky ...

... "make it a real functioning democracy where the people participate".

... whilst back in the ranch, the Assembly tried to prevent the petition, to be posted soon after the May election, they tried the "not in the remit of the Assembly Government", to bad I have read the GOWA ...

... GOWA 2006 section 62,  

Representations about matters affecting Wales

The Welsh Ministers, the First Minister and the Counsel General may make appropriate representations about any matter affecting Wales.

... democracy is difficult even in Britain ...................

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  1. A few home (rule) truths …..

    + Independence for Wales is a smoke-screen:

    Legally it can never happen (not enough EC countries would agree to back such a move). This is a way of distracting people in to spotting the real agenda. Which is? A National Parliament. National institutions (Opera, Millenium Centre, Think-Tanks, Lobby Companies, Self-censoring Media Organisations, blogs and websites). National Elites. Power then carved up by those who have built this Nation.

    + A ‘real’ Parliament means we must be a ‘real’ country:

    The New Elitists (building a future for themselves) are not doing it for Wales. Certainly not doing it for the ‘ordinary’ people of Wales. Not doing it to address the decades-long slipping away of standards, hope, expectation, self - (and mutual-) reliance.

    + One Wales. One Party:

    The real, hidden, agenda – is to build personal wealth and influence (in the present) and to build a personal monument (for posterity ‘s/he was a national ’folk hero). Given these motivating agendas, so long as the above aims are met there is no need for more than one political party in Wales.

    + If we all agree about these ‘national’ and ‘elite-building’ aims:

    Then, so long as we get the sound-bites (1) and choreography (2) right, we can fool all of the people all of the time.

    (1) “Oh dear, our media is failing us, closing down, walking away, or bought off (with small, establishment bangles).
    No matter. Boo … hoo .. (crocodile tears, carefully used, will do the trick). “For the last thing we want is difficult media questions”.
    BBC Wales. Sorted. ITV (the Wales bit, is there a Wales bit), the WM (please), S4C (more croc tears … and let it go if it no longer serves the original aim).
    (2) Small dance steps, done to a tune of our choosing, carefully choreographed, including mock-battles and differences on policy and positioning. None of which need deflect from the real agenda.

    + No more Blame-Game:

    No more need to blame anyone else. As the agenda is achieved - at each stage - then referendums, more power, political attacks, differences, political and cultural disputes, will be just pointless, with the (intended) new Elite power-super-structure then in place.

    + How the ‘blame-others’ strategy backfires:

    All of this will come to pass. Careful what you wish for then. For all of this is coming to pass. Don’t expect any tears (not even crocodile-ones) as they say good-bye. The small elitists will have all they hoped for. But having focussed on such distractions (and not dealt with the mud on your boots) …. what will those outside such small-elite games be left with?