Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Say No for Saint David ...

... that's bullshit of course, in this secular society it is generally the less than honest who call down the blessings of a saint, the sane amongst us call for integrity, the integrity of those we vote for to recognise an injustice and stand in public opposition.  I recognise another facet of dishonest political life, the dishonesty when politicians stifle debate, the banner call by the current dishonest cabal is the label ...


If you oppose an important issue you become labelled "anti-", the dishonest mantra of the dishonest debaters.

The Prof ... Dylan Jones-Evans ... writes about it in his blog, read it here, though he is writing about Martin Shipton’s new book “A Poor Man’s Parliament”.  The expression that struck home was the expression "the stories of incompetence, misadministration and bullying amongst our political classes during the last twelve years."  Sounds familiar to those that observe the politics at Cardiff Bay.

Whilst we have the bullying at the Assembly we cannot have honest debate, and by definition we do not have  democracy.  We have a autocracy.

To begin a process that would force the Welsh Assembly to become an honest chamber of debate free of the dishonesty described by Martin Shipton it is imperative the referendum returns a No vote.

On a different tack, I understand "Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas", but "Happy St David's Day" !

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