Tuesday, 16 August 2011

In India, Mr Anna Hazare was arrested before ...

... he could begin a hunger strike in a protest against anti-corruption legislation, in protest that the new legislation would not be applied to every citizen of India equally ...
... the prime minister and senior judiciary will not come under the remit of a new anti-corruption ombudsman.
... the government says the ombudsman should investigate only senior officials for corruption, and not all four million federal government officials. The campaigners believe both high and low ranking officials should be investigated.
... a separate ombudsman is wanted in every state. The government says states are already empowered to create their own ombudsmen
... the ombudsman to have powers to investigate MPs accused of taking bribes to vote or ask questions in the parliament. The government says such investigations can only be done by parliamentarians themselves.
So what options are open to the anti-corruption movement ...

In the spirit of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ...
... two supporters of Mr Hazare should volunteer as surrogate leaders and begin a fast in the morning in exactly the same spot chosen by Mr Hazare,
... and when those protesters are arrested, 
... four volunteers should replace them the next morning but possibly move the site of protest, and so on, doubling the volunteers until either thousands begin the fast or the government agree that no-one is above the law.

There is no place for corruption campaigners argue, it threatens the present and future of India.

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