Sunday, 21 August 2011

Plums and feta on toast, not my ...

... idea of a comfort food as feta is not a cheese made in my particular heaven, but I like a mature cheese, and not quite on our doorstep we have a wonderful Caerphilly cheese as a substitute, ...

for the feta devotee ...

Plums and feta on toast serving 4

Ciabatta or other rustic bread
Extra-virgin olive oil
200g feta, broken into chunks
2-4 ripe plums, stoned and quartered
A handful or two of rocket
A few mint leaves
Sea-salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper


Toast the bread (if you’re using ciabatta, you will need either a horizontal half, cut into 4, or 2 ciabatta rolls, each sliced horizontally). Splash each bit of toast with extra-virgin olive oil while it’s still warm. Arrange the feta, plums, rocket and mint on top. Season with salt and pepper and splash with a bit more oil before serving.
The Ciabatta bread is definitely the right choice, wonderful, we made rolls using our favourite Wrights bread mix,   though as I hinted at the beginning, adjusted the cheese using a mature Gorwydd Caerphilly made by Trethowan's Dairy, but for us bought from Caesar's Arms Farm Shop Cardiff, amazingly the cheese is exported around the world such is its reputation.
Use the best olive oil available, as always the better the oil, the better the gastronomic experience ...

... I can still taste the olive oil dip at Bravo Indianapolis, I think it was Castleton, but a decade is long time ago,just goes to show what good experiences can leave in the memory, and the Prawn Pennette Rigate with a hot pepper sauce was to die for.

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