Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Maerdy, house of the reeve, little Moscow, a dreadful ...

... example of yesterday's industry long gone, the remaining people in need of help.

Modern Maerdy is without a doubt one of the most deprived areas in Britain, to live there, needs must for many, you must travel south out of the valley each day to work, and the area of deprivation doesn't stop at the town boundary but extends to Ferndale and Tylorstown ...
Before or during 2003 the area was awarded Communities First and Objective One European status to tackle problems like environmental improvements, long-term employment prospects and health concerns.
... there is little doubt that very real need exists.

It might seem perverse, but the next step developing an solution to the Maerdy problem is to go North to Leeds, a prosperous town only a few miles from Bradford, a town very much like Maerdy, a town in desperate need of development to attract business and opportunity for the people who live there.  Who wants to develop in Bradford, a city that has suffered from de-industrialisation and has some of the poorest levels of social deprivation in the UK, with widespread pockets of exclusion and rates of unemployment in some wards exceeding 25%, when Leeds is so much nicer, it seems not many.

So if "If the mountain will not come to Muhammad" then Maerdy must be moved to Cardiff, or Newport, or Swansea, or anywhere that developers see as nice, charming, delightful, lovely, pleasant.

Unfair, possibly, but reminiscent of the ghost towns of the "wild west", the reason to move Maerdy town is that "king coal" with its associated employment has long gone, it is time to move on, but what politician in Cardiff has the strength of purpose to turn this deprived town into a ghost town, could the valley become a reservoir, and take the people to a place that developers will build.

The film "Field of Dreams" has an appropriate sentence, "If you build it, he will come", of course Maerdy will need a different sentence "if you demolish it, they will go", to the charming, delightful, lovely, pleasant places at the bottom of the valley, along the coast to the Bristol Channel.

WAG has the wherewithal to fix the Maerdy problem no-matter where it is found, unfortunately there is a bag full of political cowardice on the shoulders of our elected representatives, the politicians are not up to their radical heritage.

The nationalist consider Maerdy heritage, I wonder why ?

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