Saturday, 27 August 2011

Who would expect the poor to remain ...

... poor, and then to live apart in squalor, in order the wealthy may live that life in a rural or semi-rural idyll.

The concept is nauseating at the very least, but it's the hot chestnut of planning being considered, in an Adam Smith contribution that itself refers to a Pileus blog, as a philosophy of any government (the state) "conspiring" against the poor, and in the context of the Pileus essay it means those unable to buy or rent a home because of cost in their preferred location ...

... and in the context of Wales, somewhere there has been a call to restrict the building of homes and places for industry, for reason of protecting the countryside, a mechanism to keep supply down which in turn raises prices.

In Wales there is a call to restrict housing in the countryside by Mid Wales MP Glyn Davies, he begins by writing  ...  
Protecting Our Countryside ... I do not like the ongoing undignified row between Government and organisations concerned with protecting the countryside - suffering 'split loyalties'.
... and finishes by laying the blame on immigration 
... this is the "Daily Mail" in mufti, and who is to benefit from this protection of the countryside, not the poor of Anglesey that's for certain, or Powys, or Gwent ....

... so is Glyn Davies part of this conspiracy of the state, well it suits him to keep prices high, it suits others like him to restrict planning, the conspiracy of the state, I don't think so, it is nothing less than bullying by the wealthy, it's always a minority that bully, for their own benefit.


  1. Great post. You've sussed Glyn out and his landed mob.
    Protecting our countryside ? rural Wales and it's fields are almost ecologically barren because of intensive agriculture RSPB report showed Wales is declining in farmland birds.

    I wander if people living in the Rhonnda, Merthyr, parts of Swansea and cardiff actually knew that not too far away government is actually handing out large amounts of money to landed individuals. Cleverly by way of the EU. Mainly in Powys, Carms and Pembs. The well off being maintained in a lifestyle by government.The rural ecomony worth nothing due to the decadent handed money on a plate. Also you wil find politicians in plenary speaking for these handouts like RTD, Kirsty williams and RG Thomas.

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