Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Was it written in Welsh, because for certain, something was ...

... lost in translation.

The auditor general for Wales said there had been varying degrees of success with projects provided under the assembly's Merlin contract with Siemens, which started in 2004.
... the budget for the 10-year contract was a minimum of £220m, but the auditor general found the Welsh Government had spent £270m over the first seven years.
That's £50 million over budget with 3 years to go, the report card might read "should try harder".

Darren Millar AM Public Accounts Committee chair is reported to have said ...
I am concerned... that the Welsh Government is unable to demonstrate that the contract as a whole represents value for money.  The Welsh Government also had "not monitored effectively the costs and value for money of services delivered under the contract".
Darren Millar should write on the report card "are we trying".

A Welsh Government spokesman said ...
"We welcome the report by the auditor general for Wales which states that the Merlin contract is delivering core ICT services effectively, but added "It would be inappropriate to make any further comments at this stage as the report is likely to be considered at a future Public Accounts Committee evidence session and we will comment more fully after that meeting".
... this is translated as ...
We prefer not to comment, with a little time most people will forget how inept we have been.
... and the report card reads "obviously the government isn't raising the money itself, tax-raising powers might sharpen the political minds in Cardiff Bay and save the poor taxpaying public a bucket full of cash".

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