Sunday, 28 August 2011

The madness of King Plaid, or can Llyr Huws ...

... Gruffydd be serious ?

In a world where 41% more people are chasing 11% fewer properties how does he square his views that seriously ambitious proposals for the future of Bodelwyddan are fundamentally flawed.  Walking arm in arm with the Bodelwyddan action group, the North Wales Plaid Cymru Assembly Member agrees that ...

  • The residents believe the plan is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable because it bases its housing need on a population projection that are over inflated by Welsh Government in Cardiff Forecasting. The future population increases on the basis of unsustainable increases in the past is unsound. 
  • The continuing over- development of our countryside when there is no local demand. This concerns the residents as it will exists to encourage in migration to fill the houses. 
  • Not taking seriously account of local people’s views regarding taking over the country side to build extremely large housing developments which will dilute the culture and further threaten the Welsh Language and the heritage of the countryside . 
  • The Council is guilty of adopting a disparaging attitude towards the voice of the village and riding roughshod over local opinion by failing to carry out proper and meaningful consultation with the residents of a small village on whom the impact of a very large developing would have a devastating effect and loss of its unique identity.
Having read through the list several times, it reads ...

  • The action group thinks the planning experts are wrong, but are not going to say exactly how.
  • There is no demand for the development as there are no waiting lists for homes, and businesses can locate elsewhere.
  • The local authority didn't take any notice of the action group, if they had the plans would have been set aside.
  • Much the same as point 3, but with accompanied foot stamping of feet, and much weeping and wailing.
Well with Westminster moving ahead with their "Enterprise Zones", the Bodelwyddan plans seem to be "just what the doctor ordered", and what is the unemployment rate in the area, and how many jobs may be created, and will the village become a town, and might the town need new schools and the etc. etc. is Plaid going to remain in the past forever ................

.......... and for the sensible of Bodelwyddan why not try Crabbie's Ginger Ale, I guarantee it's good on a warm summer afternoon, better than politic.

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