Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Whilst the "no vision" pundits bump their ...

... gums over at Wales Home regarding the Daily Mail, why would anyone read it, or when blinded by the vision of the China entrepreneurs revert to type and consider Wales of the 1890's, the BBC have published some really bad news for Wales ...
... the "get up and go" leadership of Westminster has announced 21 enterprise zones, some very close to home at Bristol, Birmingham and The Wirral near Liverpool, these close to home zones will compete for businesses and, just as important, people with skills that could be based in Wales.

How then might our WAG, and what a wag they tend to be at times, compete with the mighty Westminster, well our administration in Cardiff responded by saying ...
... it was looking at options and had received correspondence from a number of people regarding their potential structure and location ... furthermore ... It said Business Minister Edwina Hart would outline her policy when the assembly returns in September.
There we have it, our very own Edwina will work it out by September, ...

... a favourite of business men and women in Wales, not really, she is more like the grim reaper of commerce than saviour, having her well to the left socialist feet firmly on the Soviet side of the defunct Berlin Wall, precludes much dialogue with the men and women of ideas that can save the Welsh bacon.

I might have been better to have collaborated with Westminster, we might at least have moved from the "thinking about it" stage so favoured by our local administration and membership.


  1. Business organisations in Wales don't want enterprise zones in Wales. Maybe ask business before attempting to speak on their behalf.

  2. You might not want enterprise zones, but the unemployed would welcome the chance of work, welcome the chance with open arms, and if you speak with people such as Prof Dylan Jones-Evans you would find quite the opposite viewpoint to yours.

    I think you might be a Plaid troll ....

  3. If you speak to business reps, they don't wont enterprise zones. See the blistering attack on them by the IOD, for example.

    Dylan Jones-Evans may have a different view to mine, but he also has a different view to the business community in Wales.

  4. I understand where you are coming from, sorry about the troll accusation.

    If they do not want EZ's how do the business reps propose to compete with the EZ's in England, particularly those adjacent to Wales ?

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  6. So in effect Wales becomes a long term Enterprise Zone through a reduction of business rates, I believe they could be abolished completely, and a "what" with regards to the current planning system ?