Sunday, 7 August 2011

Plaid dream team, music to the ears of ...

... the extreme left wing of the "separatist agenda" (Plaid Cymru), and a blessing in disguise to the traditional political parties of Wales.

Whether it is wishful thinking of the nationalist buffoonery or reality in making, the report from Wales-on-line is food for thought, Plaid Cymru sidelined ex-MP Adam Price is reported to be contemplating a future party leadership bid in partnership with left-wing AM Leanne Wood, where in the future might have been the next question, but Plaid AM Lindsay Whittle is on record as writing "Whoever will be our new leader must now recognise it’s an interim post in my opinion."

I wrote during June of the dream team, and during July of the abyss, both were early predictions of the future Plaid Cymru leadership, it seems the insider at the headquarters of the "separatist agenda" has got it right, there has been talk of rule change as I wrote during July as confirmed by ...

...Plaid Cymru spokesman said it was too late for any rule change motion relating to the election of the party leader to be put before next month’s annual conference.

This would require a change in the party’s constitution, and would have to be submitted at least two months before conference by a party unit like a constituency or the Assembly group. Other units would then have the opportunity to submit amendments.

....... a spokesman for Ms Wood said: "Leanne is speaking to various people in the party before deciding whether to stand for the leadership."
Grist for the mill, much like the phoney war of the 1930's, the Nationalist and Socialist dream team are the perfect storm ..................


  1. I personally think you John should take over from Ieuan Wyn Jones. Show them real leadership.

  2. I think Plaid is divided into two firm camps, and the dream team is on the left, the older membership are afraid of where the Price/Wood partnership will take them.