Monday, 6 February 2012

... can you imagine living in ...

... a city like Homs, in a country where the government sends its artillery to fire on your home.  Could you imagine sitting on Caerphilly mountain overlooking Cardiff watching plumes of smoke rising from Splott, or people fleeing from St. Mellons through the fields towards Caerphilly being shot at by snipers.

Over the top?  Ridiculous? ... well that is what is happening in Syria.

What about the opposition?  That would be the Syrian National Council in Turkey:
  • Coalition of seven opposition factions, united against Assad regime
  • Includes Kurds, tribal leaders, Islamists, democracy activists
  • Formed last November after months of talks in Turkey
  • Stated aim is to support the revolution and overthrow Assad

And here lies the problem, both Russia and China have applied their veto because this group wishes to replace the hereditary dictatorship that Assad leads in Syria.  If Russia and China had supported the resolution, how could they continue to suppress opposition groups in their respective countries, they needed the UN resolution to condemn both sides in this conflict !
In Britain we have a hereditary Head of State, she has been with us for 60 years, Mr Cameron praised the "magnificent service" given by the Queen and called her a "source of wisdom and continuity".

"With experience, dignity and quiet authority she has guided and united our nation and the Commonwealth over six varied decades," he said.
 A bitter-sweet day for the Queen, the anniversary of the death of her father and her ascending the throne.

If Syria had such a Head of State there would be no smoke hovering over the city of Homs, no funerals during the night because daytime is too dangerous because of snipers.

Sad world .........

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