Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Plaid Cymru’s ...

... Westminster leader Elfyn Llwyd said
"... water exports could be a valuable source of income, and said the Welsh and UK governments should ensure that future transfers from Wales to areas of England hit by water shortages result in extra funds for Wales."

... he also said:
"The population of the south-east is set to increase by 40% by the 2030s ...... there is going to be huge pressure."
... presumably he sees the little people of the south-east as fair game in his separatist agenda.

He does of course refer to the South-east that circles London that generates the surpluses that governments of all colours use to subsidise the economic deficits found elsewhere in Britain, the regions that need more money than they generate.

I wonder if this larger than life caricature of good British politics (Elfyn Llwyd) intends to include the £billions contributed by the south-east in his politics of division, will there be a discount for decades worth of contributions ?

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  1. If the south east of England that, according to you, subsidises every other part of these Islands is deprived of water, it can no longer function.
    To put it bluntly if the city dies of thirst it can no longer survive as an economic hub. If Wales supplies the water that the hub needs then it is an essential cog in the machine, it plays an essential part in the success of the city; it is not a scrounging dependant!
    If Wales (or any other region) supplies the water needed to keep the city going it should be rewarded accordingly. Paying a fair price for the resource provided seems an eminently sensible way of determining the size of that reward.