Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lord Foulkes, scots grandee of insignificant ...

 ... merit proposes to kiss British democracy goodbye.

... he told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme:
"Well there has been a lot of discussion about two questions at the one time on the one ballot paper, or two ballot papers, making the decision simultaneously and that would confuse things. The first question is should Scotland remaining part of the UK. If Scotland is going to become an independent country then the question of devolution and the extent of devolution doesn't arise."
... that was simple, primary school logic.  He continued ...

"But if Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom then we have a second question which says how much devolution do you want - I actually want more devolution, I want more fiscal autonomy, full fiscal responsibility."
... this man of the Lords wants much, too much without the approval of the electorate.  He also said ...
"But if the idea was rejected, then a second vote could be held about a month later to decide what extra devolution powers the country should have."
What he fails to recognise is the right of all voters to determine the future path of devolution, not just the electorate of Scotland, devolution and democracy is not the sole prerogative of those north of the border, we must all be given the choice.

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