Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday came early, and Wales is waking ...

... to the realisation that the Westminster coalition are right.

We might not like the personal effect that jobs lost have, those who work in the private sector are well used to the uncertainty of industrial life, now the public sector are feeling the effects of cutting our cloth to meet the countries real needs as jobs disappear, they were never real jobs, they were the political largess of previous administrations.

The police, fire service, ambulance, nursing, those that keep our homes clear of refuse and streets clean of the detritus the less than caring strew as they go about their business, these and others are people who make up this army and feel the true costs of the needed financial adjustments of government.  There are the retired whose savings have shrunk in real terms because interest rates have dropped so low, the annuities that halved almost overnight, the rising costs of living in an unfeeling world.

There are there are those that place the blame entirely on the shoulders of modern day witches (bankers) and their familiars, the witches black cat of old was replaced by a sales pitch that promised never ending credit with a payback date so far in the future that it was irrelevant.  And this credit was used in the pursuit of unbridled spending, unfortunately we were buying goods and services from the Far East; goods of dubious value.

There are those who seem to escape the effects of the economic rebalancing act, in the front of this army of corpulence are the politicians in opposition, followed by the politicians of devolved administrations, the lawyers, the leading civil servants et al, they have a common denominator, they cause the spending of our taxes, they play with the ultimate "big boy toy" that is humanity.

Yesterday at Walesonline there was an article that poured journalistic and political scorn on the current economic rebalancing of the British economy for example, Shadow Wales Minister and Llanelli MP Nia Griffith said ...
"...the cuts were "sucking the lifeblood out of the Welsh economy" and warned that reductions in tax credits, changes in public sector pay and pensions and the hike in VAT could have "catastrophic" consequences for businesses.
The reality however is somewhat different, people left comments with the story, those who support Nia Griffith scored a negative -57 whilst others recognised the reality of poor government scored a positive +77.

Someone who writes as "dogsbody" submitted ...

... you would think we in Wales were taking all the brunt. All the economy is doing is rebalancing the waste of the last 17 years. Too much public sector soaking up resources and not enough done for real job creation.

So when the political pundits speak of "socialist Wales", they are not quite right are they !
So when the political pundits speak of "nationalist Wales", they are not quite right are they "

Wales is still that non-conformist liberal land that doesn't have a voice ........

........ for the record Plaid doesn't offer that voice, although Dafydd Elis-Thomas wearing different clothes might come close, the others without exception are FoS.

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