Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Elin Jones, a new set of teeth, ...

... unfortunately they belong to someone else.

She said ...
"If Plaid wins a mandate to govern, any attempt to ignore that mandate by the UK Government will be an affront to the collective will of the people of Wales and I won’t stand for that. The days of a lapdog Welsh First Minister will end when Carwyn Jones leaves office, and Westminster had better get used to that."
... and what was it all about ?

... speculation that Trident will be located when Scotland becomes independent. Milford Haven has been suggested as an alternative site by some defence analysts.

Elin Jones, leadership hopeful also said ...
"... Plaid Cymru has always been fiercely opposed to the UK’s possession of weapons of mass destruction and I want to reassert our opposition as the debate about the future of Trident grows in light of the Scottish independence referendum"
In full, an article by Martin Shipton, at WalesOnline

The outpourings of this Plaid hopeful is an own goal, she would be expected to explain why she opposed the 40,000 jobs the re-location would attract.  Nuclear weapons are not a particularly family friendly set of options, but we have them as a packet with the Trident delivery system.  It needs a deep water port ......... this is something we are definitely all in it together, unless you bury your heads in the sand during war as some have ...


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  2. Elin has wholeheatedly supported the new military drone testing zone over west Wales http://tinyurl.com/ybbg4lw. Opposing any possible future attempt to move Trident to Wales is just a "straw man" argument and irrelevant to current militarisation, as "The Khaki Dragon" http://tinyurl.com/842eeqo explains:

    "The Ministry of Defence controls over 140 sites in Wales, including barracks and accommodation; training areas, ranges, depots, airfields, docks and communications facilities. In addition, Wales is known to the RAF as ‘Low Flying Area 7’, with all suitable airspace used for the training of jet fighter pilots."

    I'm only going to vote for a Plaid leader who says they want to begin rolling this back and reclaim Wales for peaceful purposes.