Monday, 20 February 2012

I think Carwyn Jones is ...

... right to raise questions about "low carbon energy".

Speaking ahead of today's meeting of the Joint Ministerial Council :
Mr Jones said: “There are tremendous prospects for low carbon energy investments in Wales and that is why I am determined that we have the right tools available to us maximise these opportunities.
... he also said :
Meetings such as this are an opportunity for the Welsh Government to raise our concerns and fight for Wales’ interests.”
I hope he has the answers to questions we should be asking, and we hope the Joint Ministerial Counci intend asking, such as ...
  1. what prospects have you in mind ?
  2. what tools have you in mind ?
  3. what are your current concerns ?
  4. what are these "interests" that need fighting for ?
... or is this just another example of    fo politics ?

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