Monday, 13 February 2012

Saunders Lewis was almost ...

... right when he predicted that "the language would disappear some time about now if nothing was done to save it."

For 50 years activists and politicians have fought against the tide of linguistic greyness, the need for a homogeneous language to bind the countries of the world into a sameness, where it would be possible for a business in Germany to speak with a business in China, who in turn might order raw materials from Australia, and all that would be required is the English language.  Accurate?  who knows, but it is close.

In Wales we have Welsh, unfortunately for the aficionados it is no longer the language of the hearth, so as Saunders Lewis predicted it has disappeared as a viable language, other than in the minds and mouths of a tiny minority.  It is time that Wales politicians began a process to protect what we have and create a museum and associated linguistic archivists or conservators of the Welsh language, so that in the future people will be able to experience a long lost culture fully.

To do any less would be a travesty.

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